Find on this page all the answers to your questions concerning the situation of the Agathos Residence vis-à-vis the COVID-19: reservation, credit, reimbursement and sanitary measures.

My vacation at Résidence Agathos was canceled due to COVID-19, can I request a refund ?

In the exceptional context of the health crisis we are going through today, measures have been put in place by the government to maintain the tourism industry, in particular by setting up assets valid for 18 months for future holidays, for reservations canceled due to COVID-19 (Ordinance No. 2020-315 of March 25, 2020 by the Ministry of the Economy).

When will I receive my credit?
You will receive very quickly by email a credit of the amount paid to date for your stay. It will be valid for 18 months for a future stay with us! In accordance with NOR: ECOC2008134R / Bleue-1 published on March 25, 2020, You therefore have no action to do.

How does it work if I only paid the deposit for my stay?
You will receive a credit of a value equivalent to the full amount paid, only the deposit, not the total amount of the reservation.

How do I use my credit?
To use your credit, simply specify that you have one by booking by email at or by phone at +33 (0) 4 94 82 86 38.

What if the amount of my credit is higher than that of my new stay?
If the amount of your credit is higher than the price of your new stay, you will receive a second credit in the amount of the difference valid for future holidays.

What if the amount of my credit is lower than that of my new stay?
If the amount of your credit is lower than the price of your new stay, you just need to make up the difference.

My stay is canceled, I received a credit, but I would prefer a refund
As part of the emergency measures taken by the government (law n ° 2020-290 of March 23, 2020), NOR ordinance: ECOC2008134R / Bleue-1 published on March 25, 2020 modifies the obligations of professionals to allow them to offer to their customers a credit valid for a long period, of eighteen months. These measures come in order to balance support for companies in the sector in this period of crisis with respect for consumer rights.

The modalities of this system were defined after discussions with the services of the European Commission, the main professional organizations and consumer associations. When this credit is offered, the customer cannot request the reimbursement of these payments during the validity period of the credit (eighteen months).

I’m coming on vacation to Residence Agathos, what hygiene measures are in place?
In order to guarantee the safety and health of our employees and our customers, we have implemented sanitary measures and a strict decontamination protocol, carried out by a specialized team:

-Aeration of each room before passage, hand washing before and after each cleaning, cleaning then disinfection (once the surface is clean, a disinfectant will be applied, making sure to use a cleaning cloth for each bastidon), wearing disposable gloves during cleaning (gloves discarded after each cleaning session), emptying and cleaning the vacuum cleaner between each pass.
-Total decontamination of accommodation after each client: disinfection of keys, hair dryer, ironing boards, cleaning equipment, remote controls (TV and air conditioning), furniture, handles, thermostat, kitchen equipment and utensils, sanitary (shower, sink, toilet …), Hangers, luggage racks etc.
Each bed has a refurbished mattress and pillow, over a fabric mattress pad washed at 60 ° and a disposable mattress pad which we change after each pass.
-Disinfection in the morning and noon of the digital locks.
-Disinfection of the reception every morning (handles, counter, workstation, switches…).
-Installation of floor markings at the reception to respect a distance of 2 meters.
-Provision of hydroalcoholic gels and masks at the reception.

-Widespread use of the reception staff mask.
The beach deckchairs will be allocated as in previous years for each bastidon and disinfected after each reservation. We will ask to RESPECT A DISTANCE of two meters WITH YOUR NEIGHBORS
– Online check-in if you wish, you can register a credit card number for your deposit or send us a check for € 200 for the bastidons and € 400 for the plane trees. We will communicate you a few days before the access code to the residence, confirm your Bastidon number with delivery of the contactless keys in a place that will be specified to you.
– Exceptionally, inventories will be done without customers with mask and gloves and an email return of the inventory as well as a deposit check deposit by post and the destruction of the credit card imprint will be done after customers leave to avoid proximity.
– Any request for intervention in the bastidon can be made by appointment with the personnel concerned to avoid contact

See you very soon (we hope)!

The Residence Agathos team