Between the tip of the Baumette and Cap Dramont, the Agay harbour is a natural link between the Mediterranean and the Esterel Massif. Very sheltered, its fine sandy beaches are ideal for all water sports and seaside activities. Discover its translucent waters, and its red rocks, true jewels of the French Riviera. discover the history of Agay

The artists of Agay

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The magnificent setting of the Agay harbour has inspired many artists: the writers, Guy de Maupassant, Maurice Donnay, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, or the painters Guillaumin and Louis Valtat are some of them.

Extract from Sur l'eau by Guy de Maupassant

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[su_expand more_text="Read more" less_text="Reduce" text_color="#000000" link_color="#2b9cff" link_align="center"]The Agay harbour forms a pretty well sheltered basin, closed on one side by red and straight rocks, dominated by the semaphore at the top of the mountain, and that continues, towards the open sea, the Isle of Gold, named after its color; on the other, by a line of low rocks, and a small point at the surface of the water with a lighthouse to indicate the entrance.

In the background, an inn that receives the captains of refugee ships there in bad weather and fishermen in summer, a station where only two trains stop every day and no one goes down, and a pretty river that flows into the Esterel to the valley called Malinfermet, and which is full of oleanders like an African ravine.

No road leads from the interior to this delicious bay. Only a path leads to Saint-Raphaël, passing through the porphyry quarries of the Dramont; but no car could follow it. So we're in the middle of the mountains.[/su_expand]


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More info

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Saint-Raphaël Tourist Office

  • Web :
  • Mail :
  • phone : 04 94 19 52 52

The port of Agay

Port d'Agay

Agay has a small port that can accommodate just over 100 boats. Several activities are available such as underwater visits....

The Agay market

Agay's walk

A real small local market, you will find fruit, vegetables, honey, delicatessen and other local products every Wednesday morning from 7am to 1pm.

The Agay rastel

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An easy hike to the orientation table, then to the top of the Flag, will lead you to a superb panoramic view of the Agay and Saint-Raphaël harbours, as well as a beautiful view of the Esterel and the Moors to Cape Taillat.

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Our recommendations to Agay

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Le Club Agathos

Feet in the water, all the variations of octopus, lobsters, seasonal vegetables.


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Le Coast

A trendy atmosphere, local and international dishes, excellent welcome.


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The Acanthus

An excellent cuisine exclusively in natural quality products.


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Chocolat d'AgayA chocolate factory open all year round, working only with quality products and produced on site.
More information :
04 94 82 00 88
170 rue de l'Agay, Saint-Raphaël

Local shops

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Just opposite (50m) the AGATHOS residence you will find the small shopping centre of the BASTIDE d'AGAY PLAGE with :

  • Supérette "Spar" : general food, fruit and vegetables, bread storage at the Bakery "La Mie Adorée", and wines from the Côtes de Provence....
  • Le Coin Provençal : Viennese pastries, breads, pastries, breakfast, snacks
  • Between Nature and Reading : International Press, Stationery, Bookshop, Gifts, Souvenirs, Beach Articles....
  • La Sardine : fish, takeaway paella, oyster bar, sushis
  • Agay Pressing : laundry, dry cleaning
  • L'Instant Coiffure : 04 94 82 84 25
  • 3 Restaurants : La Galère tel 04 94 82 05 94, Le Rafiot (pizzeria) : 04 94 95 88 88 40, La Baie d'Halong : 04 94 17 35 82